T>My Upg for Your Old Glad Gear

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T>My Upg for Your Old Glad Gear Empty T>My Upg for Your Old Glad Gear

Post  Grimnoir on Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:13 pm

So, as you all gain uniques, you throw out the old ones. But you need upg's to upgrade the new uniques!

Well I have a deal for you!

My Glad is in his 30's so I have time to wait for gear as you replace it with your uniques from sd. Let me know how many UPG's you want for each piece. Thanks!

I am looking for the following gear. You may note me offers in game or leave offers here.

Ares' Pieria Sword [E] +8-10
Ares' Chios Steel Armor [E] +8-10
Ares' Chios Steel Gauntlet [E] +7-10
Ares' Chios Steel Boots [E] +7-10

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