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Post  Dreatra on Tue May 17, 2011 4:24 am

Titan-SD: G3 Edition --► Main Thread[size=11]
Welcome back from Titan SD hiatus.
From demand, Titan SD will be revived (hopefully).
Clean DKP charts, Clean banned tables.

Some information:
Uniques are g2 from snow dragon. Their stats are better than all other equips including g3 except for the final Elite g3 Equips which range up to the 54 E weapon. These elite gear are slightly better than uniques. So if you want to wait till you grind all the way to 54 before getting a weapon instead of going for a unique, that's fine.

Uniques are g2 therefore they have a smaller enchant range.
Uniques do not have Unidentified property which is also an extra enchant.
SD consumes 3 coins which could be used to try for the new gear in the new dungeon.


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